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Transforming Power of Water

I speak to me. I speak to you, within me, I speak to all.


For it connects us all.

You can’t force it. You can only gently guide the flow.

Damn... damns.

Trauma, anger.. they are the damns in our heart, mind soul and body.

In our crystalline being.

Melt the ice of your heart towards those who hurt you.

Icebergs can create holes in the ship that’s taking you to where you want to go...

Do you know where you’re going?

Being made up of mostly of water....

Don’t dehydrate yourself.

Drink, drink deeply of the healing elixir of life. Become a Well-spring of life overflowing with the gushing magnitude of the healing powers of forgiveness.

Stop trickling. Break that damn. Let it flow.

The cuuuurrentsea of Life.

Flow flow flow.

Hydrate with knowledge, be a sponge. No one likes a brittle flaky sponge.

You can’t control water. Or you’ll shrivel up and die....

Shhh, Mama got you. Earth is your mother, ask her. She will hold you close, wrap her arms around you, and will spoon feed it to you if need be.

America the proud, you are being humbled. Get back to your roots, honor your Mother, your Father. We need the Earth and Spirit to become One.

The body, mind, Spirit to Unite once more.

Water changes your DNA structure. Everything you put IN and ON your being. Can you be aware and trust your Earth origins?

Diet fad this, diet fad that... what does YOUR body tell you?

Can’t feel it?

Can’t sense it?

Time to awake from your slumber and find out Precious Soul.

Don’t ignore the nudges.

You’re worth the healing.

The process.

The Renewal.

The Ascension.

Don’t roll your 👁 at me... at yourself and your worthiness. The Rivers of loving flow is waiting for you to jump right in.

Now get up, drop the poison and drink some water.

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