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The Art of HUEman touch

The body is my canvas.

To use strokes of love and healing throughout is an art form.

Sometimes the overwhelm of wanting to change the Whirled.

A whirl wind of oscillating movement of loops and wheels within wheels. Such over-whelm, such pressure...

the pressure lifts off my shoulders as I use the power of hueman touch on bodies, just one, the one set before me, that’s all that matters when I close my eyes and transcend the time-space contiuem to lift off this Glorious Planet.

Hueman Connection.


This right here it changes hearts,

One by One.

The One heart healed can go back to their art-form of whirled power to change their influence.

The body is my canvas,

I’m not here to “fix” you.

I’m here to unlock you on how beautiful and free you already are.

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